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Ten Years of the album "Eiffel65" - Tu Credi

Let's take a look back at Tu Credi, the 4th song on the "Eiffel 65" album.


"The lyrics of "Tu credi" were written by Massimo Gabutti, our producer/publisher, I wrote the music and made the arrangements and production. It has great lyrics with a strong meaning!
I love the phrases: "You believe that in the world there is a place for you ... and my life sounds better because you believe in me."
That words talk to me about the “young” and the “adult” point of view.
And they find a happy ending in a human relationship. Good Job Massimo!"

Later on in 2004, the song was revamped by Roberto Molinaro and Maury into a 10 minute dance opera.


New Planet Tour

30 Mar 2019
Zalgirio Arena - KAUNAS (LT)
06 Apr 2019
Paradiso Disco - BRESCIA
12 Apr 2019
Festival - Puebla (Mexico)
13 Apr 2019
Pepsi Center - Città del Messico